Public Relations

There’s a reason PR can make or break your business. Amazing PR is what we do here, it’s our middle name (well, technically it’s in our first).

We monitor trends and news to create client stories; influence and guide potential new business to your doorstep; and increase brand awareness through strategy development to realise your business goals. No wonder Bill Gates said he’d spend his last penny on a good PR strategy.
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Graphic Design

You’ve heard all about our branding accomplishments and our web design services, but what about those one-off jobs that really need a Designer’s touch?

Our team of Creatives can innovate even the most outdated brochure and can conjure a beautiful design out of seemingly nothing. Some things are too important to risk doing in-house; you can trust that we’ll honour your brand, and our diligence will shine through.
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Crisis Management

Planned or reactive, but always discreet. There’s no avoiding a crisis when it’s happening, but your business relies on good PR for how it reacts to one.

Risk management, advice, preparation, and live management of a crisis is something we take very seriously, and we have policies in place to make sure we can be available at the drop of a hat. Think of us as your personal insurance against those unexpected hurdles and when they happen, know it’s all hands on deck at JaxPR to make sure it’s kept on the down-low.
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Copywriting Content

Word on the tip of your tongue? We’ve got it for you. Our copywriting is created with your business and audience in mind, and if you’re brand is shiny new, we’ll even create a friendly tone of voice for you.

Using our almost 50 years of experience across the team, wide knowledge of SEO and research into your niche, we can create amazing, eye-catching copy to send out to your future regular clients.
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Web Design

Do you know your SEO from your SSO? Well, we do. Your website is the first thing people will see when Googling your business, this is your opportunity to make a great first impression.

We design, build and maintain your business website to create that ‘love-at-first-sight’ feeling for your future customers. From brochure pages to large-scale e-commerce sites, we’re here to create the best user experience for your company.
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Event Management

As the wise P!nk once said, let’s get this party started.
From intimate, bespoke gatherings to events the ultimate party animals will be talking about for years.

We’re here to help with planning and executing the perfect event. Looking to host the best celebration this year, but don’t have the time or know-how on where to start? Well, look no more. Drop us an email to get started.
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Branding & Marketing

Nothing speaks louder than a powerful brand voice. Our Graphic Designers and Branding specialists are ready to work with you on your brand voice, colours, logo and everything in between.

With our packages ranging from simple logo designs to full-blown rebrands and campaigns, it’s never been easier to create a successful brand identity. So, if you need to find your place in the market, we’re ready to steer you in the right direction.

Whether that’s starting from scratch and creating a whole look and feel or giving your brand a breath of new energy with a national advertising campaign through print and digital medias, our Creative Team are ready to work with you on your individual Brand Strategy.

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Social Media

Build your network before you need it. Having us on your Social Media team means that you’ll enjoy having dedicated industry experts working on your pages.

A team that understands what’s trending, what will get you noticed and how to execute your brand perfectly with incredible graphics and copy. All of our social schedules are planned for different platforms, tailored to your niche and awareness dates. We plan creative social content in advance, so you are always part of the conversation and never miss out on the latest events.

We’ll create your imagery, schedule your posts and engage with your audience in a way which keeps your business at the top of feeds and at the front of their minds.

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Location Scouting

You’ll feel like a film star with us on your team. You’ve seen some of the work we’ve done on films already, so now it’s your turn to get in on the action.

We manage film locations, from homes to business facilities all the way up to factories and schools. We speak to new film and TV projects daily and facilitate deals to have your property on screen. Filming in your building is not only a fabulous income generation stream, but with the right deal, can increase property value.

From recommending your property to producers, we negotiate deals, organise recces and manage the film set on the day – giving you peace of mind that your home and business is in safe, experienced hands.

Are you someone working in the film industry looking to find the perfect Location Manager? We have dedicated Scouters ready to head out across the country to find the best places for your project, as well as experienced Location Managers filing all the relevant documents back at base.

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