Project Description


PR / Video

The Hassenbrook Academy is one of our longest clients – side by side with Gable Hall Academy, and have worked with the academy trust for years.

We are a trusted source of support across social platforms and in the media, alongside their public image at events.

We work with the Leadership Team to explore good news stories within the school which are exceptional to the public, but just another work-day for them. From celebrating individual pupil achievements, interviewing headteachers, honouring the entire year for their results and shine a spot-light on the teachers who work so tirelessly behind the scenes – it would be safe to say that out work with our schools are some of our most inspiring and interesting work.

These stories generate fantastic coverage for the school, creating more interest come open events and has contributed to a fantastic response to parent surveys which all helps on school application day!

Stay tuned, as we’re currently developing an idea to lift the lid on the school and share docu-style content on what goes on at the school, unrehearsed, unscripted and uncensored.