Project Description

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Design / Marketing

MuM. was an idea from a husband-and-wife duo who recognised a gap in the market for fruit and vegetable based drinks which were safe for pregnant women and new mums.

Until we met midwife, Kirsty, and business owner, Richard, we would not have thought twice about the problem they have solved with pregnant women consuming existing fresh juice drinks we can all pick up on the high-street. However, the way that those drinks are processed and stored (and the reason they have long expiry dates) is because they are done in such a way (and include preservatives) which aren’t recommended for Mum’s to be.

Our team visited the juice supplier, tasted a suggested range targeting key milestones in the pregnancy journey (using our on-team Midwife’s knowledge) and got to work developing a clean, clear brand for the entire drinks range along with developing personalities for each of the drinks.

Undertaking some market research, we created their ecommerce website and designed and printed bespoke packaging, gift cards, drinks labels and ran their social media account whilst actively engaging local influencers who not only spoke to our target market, but were also pregnant themselves.