Project Description

Warley Primary School


A single day of filming developed into a bespoke video capturing the life behind the walls, showcasing their amazing teaching staff and promoting their happy, thriving students.

Warley Primary school were interested in marketing their school in a modern medium – something more and more schools are keen on exploring.

Whether it’s a video to show future parents what they can expect when their child attends their school, to giving current parents a new way to see what happens between 8.15am – 3.15am. This short film was storyboarded to give maximum variety of the curriculum and capture children in their honest educational environment.

Our team planned the video with a shot list focusing on highlighting key areas, after which a three-person team attended the school for a full day of filming.

We’re proud to see their nearly 4-min long video was shared widely across social media and has taken front and centre stage on the school’s website.