Project Description

The Shortlyst

Design / Marketing / PR

The Shortlyst is an ambitious start-up developed by a small group of women who wanted to solve the problem of finding local services for beauty, hair and skin care through mobile workers.

With an extremely tight turnaround from idea conception to delivery our full team was tasked with every piece of their brand development project.

Our design team mood-boarded, drafted (and drafted and drafted) the perfect logo, colour scheme, style guide and all business collateral (think e-signatures, social media banners, business cards) which then developed into promotional materials after our marketing experts developed their launch strategy.

Utilising a small network of women in our targeted area, small personalised gift packs were distributed to influencers in the brands desired markets. With branded packaging (include bespoke boxes to branded ribbon and cards), these packs were well received with a tremendous spike in social media attention.

Our web team, working with our designers and copywriters, storyboarded and created the directory style website, whilst our marketing team continued working on developing an exhaustive database of mobile workers and salons who we invited to use The Shortlyst.

County-wide press releases were published across regional and local media outlets in our desired geographical area – in digital and in print, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers.